Derek Weida – Stop with all the 22

A friend of mine posted this video the other day and I had mixed feelings about it. After I calmed down a bit and really thought about it, the message is a good one. Stop focusing on everything that is wrong and start concentrating on what is good. It’s true, we are where we live. So, with that in mind I started really thinking, what message am I trying to send with this page? I don’t want just another blog outlining the harsh world of PTSD, depression and anxiety. I want people to be able to come here and find help. Answers. My daughter asked me the other night, “Mom, why is ____ a symptom of PTSD and what can you do about it?” I didn’t have any idea how to answer her question. I knew ___ was a symptom but didn’t have a clue why or how to effectively help with that symptom. I’ll use myself and hyper-vigilance or hyper-arousal as an example. I know what those terms mean now. I know the emotions/actions they cause. What I don’t know is, what I can do about it? No, breathing in and out slowly or counting backwards from 100 doesn’t do a damn thing for me. (One Dr. actually told me to drink ice water?!) If I could do those things I would have been well on my way to healing 20 years ago. I’m not a special case. I can’t be alone in this. How many other people out there are frustrated because the only advice we’re being offered is to meditate or medicate our way out of rage?

This is my goal. I want answers. Good answers. Answers from people like you and I, not textbook psychological answers that don’t do the average person any good. So if my posts are few and far between, that’s why. I’m having a really hard time finding good, practical answers.

As far as the Facebook page, that won’t change much lol. I am who I am, and I am dark. I created that as a way to express myself so I don’t keep emotionally imploding. Take it or leave it, I’m thankful to have it either way.