Four years ago today our lives were changed forever. Mom called and said they had taken my brother to the emergency room. He had collapsed with back pain. My fiance and I got ready and headed to the hospital, not thinking it was too bad. My brother was tough as nails. We went to the nurses station and asked for his room. We were immediately met by the chaplain and took to a room where my parents were waiting for news. It didn’t sink in until the doctor came in. She asked us how much we wanted to do to save his life. I stood there dumb founded looking at her as the reality of her words sunk in. My soft-spoken, mild-mannered mother said, in anger and pain, “You don’t have children do you.” He was on full life support, in a coma for 12 days and they removed half of his lung. The doctors kept saying there wasn’t much hope. 33 days later he walked out of that hospital on his own two feet. He kept his eyes on his son and never quit. My brother was one of a kind. There aren’t words to express how much he’s missed.